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About me

Hello! Привет:)


 My name is Tatiana.


I'm the teacher of Russian as a second language.

Russian is my native language and I have been teaching it since 2009. 


I enjoy teaching as it is always inspiring to see the progress of my students.

I'm a very curious person, I'm myself fond of learning foreign languages and always try to find new and sometimes unusual methods of teaching.

I have an University Degree in the field of Classical and Modern Languages.


During my lessons I cover all aspects of the language: thus, you will develop your speaking and listening skills, boost your writing and reading. 


Russian via Skype – is very simple and enjoyable way of learning Russian from your country, from your home, office or even hotel!


I like to make my lessons fun and enjoyable for all ages and I make each lesson unique depending on the skill level of each student.


I look forward to teaching you Russian, my native language!